Ladders / Vertical Systems

Ensuring the safety of operatives climbing to roof level

Ladder safety cannot only be left to the installation of cages or hoops. Where these hoop systems provide you with a basic level of safety, Vertical Lifelines provide 100% safety and comfort for the worker.

Fixed either directly to your structure or to an existing ladder our systems ensure both the safety of your workers and ease of use encouraging worker adoption and with all our Vertical Lifeline Systems being manufactured from high quality materials suitable for your site we ensure both the correct selection of system for your needs and also the longevity of the installation.

A Vertical System is designed to allow safe access up ladders. The systems can be Cable based or Rail based systems.

Cable System

A Cable system will allow safe access up the ladder via a travelling device which connects to the cable and will have its own unique locking off mechanism. The system will be connected at the top and bottom of the ladder using the manufacturers brackets. There will be intermediate fixings which the traveller will have to pass through/by.

Rail System

A Rail based system is very similar. A solid rail designed by each manufacturer, will be attached to the ladder using their own designed brackets. Again, the traveller will run up and down the rail and have its own unique locking off mechanism.

Our Service

Inspection of vertical lifeline systems incorporates a close inspection of all fixings to the ladder for the the correct torsion. A visual inspection will be completed to check for any sign of wear/damage or corrosion and the inspection of any travelling devices and their locking mechanism.

The system will have a new TAG attached to show site operatives who will be using the system that it has been passed for use and the Test Certification will be issued to the client.

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