Lifeline / Mansafe

Safe access when working at height

Roof work for maintenance or repair is one of the highest risk areas on your site. With edges and fragile panels, rooflights and hatches the average worker on your roof is exposed to a high number of fall risks. Horizontal lifeline systems are specifically designed for roof access safety.

Based on an 8mm stainless steel cable and using energy absorbing posts and fixing plates horizontal lifelines are a perfect solution to all your roof access requirements and can be installed on any roof.

Fall Restraint

A Fall Restraint system allows access to the edge of the roof from a 2m lanyard which will restrain the operative from falling over the edge of the roof.

Fall Arrest

A Fall Arrest System is designed to allow access to all roof areas where the possibility of a fall may occur due to the nature of the access. The Fall Arrest system is designed to absorb the shock load of the operative should they fall. These systems are usually used with additional PPE such as Rope Access.

The requirement for the inspection of these systems comes under BS EN 7883:2005 section 12 1.2 where it states ” At least once every 12 months each anchor device should be examined in accordance with the manufacturers instructions by a competent person”.

Our Service

We offer installation and inspection services.

The inspection will consist of checking the system components and posts for signs of wear, corrosion, misuse, damage, deployment of the shock absorbing units which may be fitted and the correct torsion of the fixings.

Once completed, a new TAG will be attached to the system at the access point to visually confirm the re inspection of the system to site based operatives who will be using the system next and the test certification will be issued to the customer.

An additional inspection of the clients PPE will be carried out whilst on site. The Harness/Lanyard and other associated PPE which will be used in conjunction with the system will be inspected for any damage to the webbing, corrosion of the buckles and Karabenas. The serial numbers for each individual piece of equipment will be logged and added to the test certificate for certification.

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