Safe access when working at height

Safety eyebolts are installed to allow safe access points around the internal/external envelope of the building. Eyebolts are installed to the masonry of a building, adjacent to window openings or other individual access points that may be required in a building. Eyebolts come in a range of finishes such as powder coated to stainless steel.

Our safety eyebolts for use in brick, concrete and masonry have a 16mm diameter unthreaded shank to plug a drilled hole, thus reducing the bending effects which would result in earlier failure during shear loading and available in mild Steel or stainless steel construction.

Supplied, designed and installed to EN795 class A and BS7883 Standards. Never use eyebolts, other than EN 795, as Fall Arrest Anchor Devices the wrong eyebolts in the wrong situation could prove fatal.

Safety Eyebolts positioning should always be determined by a competent person, following the recommendations of BS 7883:1997 clause 8 where appropriate. Our competency ensures that your anchorages are positioned and installed in the perfect position to provide 100% safety through minimised fall risk while ensuring that the user is not hindered by the anchorage.

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The inspection of the eyes will involve the removal of the individual eyes to check for corrosion of the shaft/thread which screws into the anchor in the wall. Once they have been inspected, they will be replaced and a PULL TEST using a calibrated test rig will perform the load test to ensure the structural integrity of the anchor.

Once tested, a new TAG will be attached and the Test certificate issued to the client

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