Barrier / Guardrail

Collective perimeter protection reducing risks when working at height

The HSE recommends one of the ways of reducing risk when working at height is to use the right rooftop safety equipment.

For contractors and engineers accessing flat roofs to carry out essential building, repair and maintenance work, safety barrier afforded by collective roof edge protection system can make a major contribution to minimising danger.

There are a number of types of products available but these are generally categorised as either permanent guardrail or temporary guardrail.

Permanent Guardrail

Permanent guardrail provides permanent protection for all working on a roof by placing a physical barrier between operatives and the edge of a roof.

Temporary Guardrail

Like permanent guardrail, this type of edge protection places a physical barrier between operatives and the edge of a building. As this is temporary, it is usually installed via counter-balance systems rather than drilling / penetrating roof sheets or membrane. As such, it can be removed when no longer needed. This is useful when maintenance/renovation work is being undertaken as a one-off / infrequent event.

Guardrail to comply to either BS EN 13374 or BS EN 14122-3 Guardrail should be examined in accordance with the manufacturers guidelines by a competent person.

Our Service

The inspection of the guardrail will consist of the visual inspection of the system for corrosion or damage. we will also inspect the fixings of the system to maintain the integrity of the guardrail system.

Once the inspection is complete, the test certification will be issued to the client.

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